US Winter Editathon

US Winter Editathon at the MLK Dream Lab

MappingDC supported the US Winter Editathon. We had about 20 people join us in the Dream Lab, including all combinations of (GIS, OSM) x (guru, noob). Aaron Lidman started us off with a walk through of iD.

Like the previous DC Editathons we kept it casual. People worked independently or in small groups. Those people new to OSM were very excited about diving into it.

Brian DeRocher led a small field trip to get lunch with 7 guys to Five Guys, where he demonstrated the art of street surveying with Walking Papers.

Thanks go out to Kathleen Danielson for leading the event and Jonathan Marino for finding a great location, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.


Had a great time at the Editathon. Only wish that it had been warmer as to allow some additional outdoor mapping and maybe a little more formal. Overall I think it was great to get together with others and learn from each other.