Mappy Hour Review

Thanks everyone for coming out. Lots of great ideas shared.

Here are a few links shared by Bradon.

Join the google group:

And here are a few more links:

HOT OSM Ebola Breakout
NYC building import
Indoor Maps in OSM
* slides are missing
* Contact Dave Sutter
* See

Previous States of the Map
* San Francisco
* Portland

The centroid of MappingDC mappers is Georgetown.

DC Builing Footprint and Address Import
* The 2010 import is incomplete. -
* duplicate bike shares - Capital City Bike shared duplicated nodes that already existed, see near Braddock Road metro station
* duplicate parking lots -

Upcoming Mapping Parties
* Please propose places to meet. Good places are those with unmapped points of interest and near public transportation.

Tech Talk at DC GIS
* David Jackson at DC GIS would like to host an event.

street view
* Michael Tacelosky