DC Bike Lane Review

DDOT has given MappingDC a dump of bike lane and bike trail data. Our goal is to make sure OpenStreetMap is up to date with this information. We'll focus on bike lanes first.

There are about 1,500 bike lane features. Typically a feature is 1-2 city blocks of LINESTRING data. We're most interested in the FACILITY attribute of the features. We'll use that to map to OSM Cycleway vocabulary.

Instructions are oriented to JOSM. If you can do this in Id, please let me know and I'll update instructions. Donwload the josm-test.jar from here https://josm.openstreetmap.de/ and run it like this "java -jar josm-test.jar".


  • Download data from our repository. Downloading the zip file is sufficient.
  • Scan OSM Cycleways, especially Key:cycleway.
  • If you don't have it, request access to the tracking spreadsheet.
  • Install the opendata.jar plugin to your JOSM plugins folder (~/.josm/plugins on linux). The plugin is in the downloaded zip from above. This enables Shapefile loading and has a required patch.
  • Load the Bike Lanes shapefile (Bike_Lanes_20190102.shp) in JOSM by using File / Open.

Workflow Instructions:

Most features are already in OSM and just need to be confirmed. About 1 in 20 features need to be added.

  • On the spread pick a section to work on and mark a feature as WIP (work in progress).
  • Locate the OBJECTID for this feature.
  • Using JOSM select the Bike Lanes layer and Find OBJECTID=#
  • Zoom to this selected item.
  • Load OSM data into a new layer for this vicinity.
  • Make sure OSM has the proper tagging on the corresponding way. If not, split the way and tag just the part your segment. Tag the commit with #mappingdc and upload it.
  • Mark the spreadsheet that this item is done and what you did to resolve it.

For questions, join us on OpenStreetMaps's Slack in the MappingDC room.