myAmerica Developer Summit / OSM Mapathon

Christopher Goranson is organizing the myAmerica Developer Summit to build products and services that promote America's public lands and waters, April 11-12. He and Jereme Monteau noticed this coincices with OpenStreetMap US's Spring Mapathon 2015. They invited us to participate.

Mappy Hour - June 10th

Mapping Party with Mike, Kate, and Harry

Join us Tuesday, June 10th for Mappy Hour. We'll be meeting at 6pm at Capitol City Brewing Company. RSVP if you'd like on Meetup. When you get there, look for the MappingDC flag around the bar.

Keep an eye on the events page for upcomming mapping parties. Or event better, connect your calendar to the events link.

MappingDC on GitHub

MappingDC now has an account on GitHub. It's set up as an oranization, so if you'd like to join just ask. I'd like to post projects here that we can work on collobartively. For example, i'd like to fork the CyclePhilly app and customize it for DC. I'll also post a copy of the Bike Routing website we're running.

Mappy Hour Review

Thanks everyone for coming out. Lots of great ideas shared.

Here are a few links shared by Bradon.

Join the google group:

And here are a few more links:

Mappy Hour

MappingDC will have a Mappy Hour on Feb 11th at 6pm. Same place as usual Capitol City Brewing Company.

Let's welcome all the new people who found us on Meetup. RSVP if you'd like. Remember to look for the MappingDC flag.

US Winter Editathon

US Winter Editathon at the MLK Dream Lab

MappingDC supported the US Winter Editathon. We had about 20 people join us in the Dream Lab, including all combinations of (GIS, OSM) x (guru, noob). Aaron Lidman started us off with a walk through of iD.

Like the previous DC Editathons we kept it casual. People worked independently or in small groups. Those people new to OSM were very excited about diving into it.


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