OpenStreetMap US #editathon

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We'll be joining the [US-wide OpenStreetMap #editathon]( this weekend, Saturday January 26. Come out for an afternoon of OpenStreetMap editing. We'll improve the map with your local knowledge, Satellite tracing and [MapRoulette fun]( We will also take the [new OpenStreetMap editor iD for a spin](

Mapping Party - Dec 1 - Hyattsville Review

A diverse set of people showed up for mapping in Hyattsville, MD, including techies, managers, data wranglers, and GIS veterans. We paired up and hit the streets with our GPS trackers and survey sheets. After returning to Bus Boys and Poets, we uploaded our traces and entered into OSM the features of Hyattsville.

Mapping Party - Dec 1 - Hyattsville

When: Dec 1

Where: Hyattsville, MD

details to follow

Mappy Hour - Dec 11th

When: Dec 11th 7pm

Where: Capitcol City Brewing Company

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