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Let's Map Anacostia

Anacostia is booming with development. Let's capture all the new stores, restaurants, churches, studios, cleaners, banks, and schools it has to offer. After cruising along MLK Jr Ave SE and Good Hope Rd SE, we'll land at the new Anacostia Library. Here we'll save those details in OpenStreetMap.

No experience is necessary. We'll teach you how to edit the map. You may bring your own laptop or use one of ours.

For more information see the Meetup Page. RSVP not required but appreciated.

Hyattsville Mapping Party Activity

I've been working on building video from our mapping parties. I built one for the Congressional Cemetery mapping, but honestly it wasn't that impressive. Hyattsville is better, but i still hope to improve upon it. Enjoy. Hyattsville OSM mapping party

When i get a new history dump including March 9th, i'll make a new video for Falls Church, which i expect will be very impressive considering the number of buildings we added.

OpenStreetMap US #editathon

osm athlete mapper

We'll be joining the [US-wide OpenStreetMap #editathon]( this weekend, Saturday January 26. Come out for an afternoon of OpenStreetMap editing. We'll improve the map with your local knowledge, Satellite tracing and [MapRoulette fun]( We will also take the [new OpenStreetMap editor iD for a spin](

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