Audience of this document is first time mappers. It suggests to them which features to capture when surveying. Convert this cheatsheet into a single page stylized version and post it on




  • names of things
  • construction
  • anything that aerial mapping got wrong


  • streets: one way, number of lanes, margin, divider, bike lane, sharrow, service road, residential, parking lot streets, private access
  • paths: paved, gravel, dirt, smoothness, drivable, bikable
  • bikable, walkable, wheelchair, skateboards
  • traffic lights, stop signs, turn restrictions
  • bus stops, bus bay, route providers and numbers at bus stop, sheltered platform, timetables
  • street crossings
  • speed limit signs

Turn Restriction


Broad St eastbound at Graham Rd: No left turn from 4:30pm - 6:30pm


  • address
  • 1 building is really 2 buildings
  • 1 building is really n stores
  • stores (steps)
  • library, court house, city hall, community center, college, school
  • shop: bar, bakery, bank, cafe, car, car_repair, clothes, convenience, fast_food, fuel, hardware, florist, hairdresser, laundromat, pizza, place of worship, pub, restaurant, school, supermarket, theater


  • plaques, landmarks, monuments, statues
  • amenity: atm, bench, fountain, grave yard, post box, water fountain
  • tourism: information, hotel, attraction, viewpoint, picnic site, camp site, museum, guest house, artwork
  • leisure: museum, pitch, park, swimming pool, playground, garden, sports center, nature reserve, tracker
  • landuse: forest, residential, grass, farmland, meadow, farm, reservoir
  • walls, fences

What maybe to cover

  • street parking restrictions and ranges on the street it covers
  • garbage cans
  • fire hydrants

What not to cover

  • hours a store is open
  • storm drains

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